The Hijab in the United States: a Symbol of Choice or Oppression?

Recently, a protest took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capitol, when thirty to forty women participated in a Right-to-Drive campaign. These women did so, of course, in the traditional Islamic garb that many “Westerners” openly recognize as counter-intuitive to all … Continued


ANNOUNCEMENT: Imagine 2050 blogcast will air Monday on 89.5FM in Chicago!

Recently, 89.5 FM in Chicago aired Noah Chandler’s August podcast, Imagine 2050’s audio blogger! In fact, the radio station based an entire show off of Imagine 2050’s premise and Noah’s interviews. Since then 89.5 FM has repeatedly run his blogcast … Continued


SPORTS: US and Them

Many people have argued that globalization is a negative thing for the job market. One such argument against globalization is that the increase in competition of labor allows for citizens of other nations to be hired by a company instead … Continued