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Nativism lurking within gun advocacy, the NRA’s “single-issue”

No one wants to take sides anymore. In a noncommittal state every noncommittal idea can contribute to the political framework, and we find ourselves bombarded with singular ‘issues’ or ‘causes’ rather than the actual approaches that connect them. No lobby … Continued

White Supremacist Group Advertises on Conservative Websites

Last Thursday we reported that the white supremacist hate group Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC) has been actively involved in recruiting new members at tea party rallies. The most recent rally attended by the group was this past Saturday in … Continued

Ann Coulter: Not Just Crazy…a Crazy Racist

Mark Potok over at Southern Poverty Law Center wrote a great article ripping apart Ann Coulter. Here is an excerpt: In her latest foaming-mouth tome — Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and Their Assault on America, released on Jan. 6 — Coulter … Continued