Immigration Acrostic

Asinine interjections of anti-immigrant hate create Bathos to any expectation of intelligent thought Coming from people who, in their own insecurities, Denigrate those who cross oceans and cross burning deserts—having been Excluded from all that mutual wealth Free trade agreements … Continued

“We are human beings looking for a means to survive”

Despite a feigned concern about the distinction between “illegal” and “legal” immigrants, anti-immigrant forces in this country have helped stir up a general contempt for immigrants which goes beyond the status of documentation. The rhetoric of FAIR and other nativist … Continued

Obama’s Citizenship: Will the Haters Ever Give Up?

While scanning a white nationalist message board I came across an interesting thread entitled “Obama: Don’t Miss Next Week’s Tribune.” The originator of the post was notifying other white nationalists to look at the Chicago Tribune on December 1st and … Continued