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Players Back Out of MLB All-Star Game Boycott in Arizona

By Micah Perry Of all the mainstream forms of entertainment, professional sports is certainly the arena least likely to produce out-spoken ideologues. Its participants entertain and interact through action, rarely getting a chance to speak on anything outside the game, … Continued


You’ve Got to Change Your Evil Ways, Georgia!

The title of the old hit from music legend Carlos Santana is freshly, and sadly, appropriate for today’s anti-immigrant climate—not only in that longtime southern bastion of hate, but across the country. That Major League Baseball’s annual Civil Rights Game … Continued


Cross-post: Rally Against Arizona Immigration Law at MLB Headquarters

Posted on Long Island Wins blog, July 8, 2010 by Ted Hesson. UPDATE: Several hundred people turned out for Thursday’s rally against Arizona’s misguided immigration law, calling for Major League Baseball to move the 2011 All Star Game out of … Continued


Message Over Wrigley: Repeal Senate Bill 1070

As the Cubs and Diamondbacks take to the field for warm-ups this afternoon, a very special message is flying overhead. After the Cubs denied a request to run ads on its scoreboard, the Center for New Community, a national civil … Continued


Cross-post: Chicago Cubs Smack Down Immigrant Rights Message

Dave Zirin over at The Nation describes how the Chicago Cubs baseball franchise rejected an immigrant rights message proposed by the national civil rights organization, the Center for New Community, for this weekends game in Wrigley Field against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The ‘Proximity Effected’ Fan

Many people like rooting for a sports team because of the proximity effect; they live in or near a city and therefore feel the need to root for that team. This, I believe, is possibly one of the stupidest reasons … Continued

MLB baseball is a-changing

This week Major League Baseball approved the use of instant replay. Some may see this decision as a way of updating a sport that has defied the use of current technology for years. When the NFL began using instant replays … Continued


Our National Pastime

This weekend the citizens of this fair land will see three large events simultaneously occur. Of course the most obvious is the opening weekend of a new Will Smith motion picture (Hancock) – an event which coincidentally coincides with the … Continued