MLB baseball is a-changing

August 22, 2008 by Joel Ebert · 2 Comments
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This week Major League Baseball approved the use of instant replay. Some may see this decision as a way of updating a sport that has defied the use of current technology for years. When the NFL began using instant replays in 1999 it was questioned by many. But today it seems to be widely accepted and praised. The same may be true for baseball, once the initial steps of implementing the system are through.

Old baseball players, analysts, and nostalgic “purists” may believe that the use of instant replay will be terrible for the read more

SPORTS: He Loves You, He Loves You Not

July 11, 2008 by Joel Ebert · 3 Comments
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Here in America we just can’t seem to resist guilty pleasures. We do things we know we shouldn’t. American sports fans seem to enjoy the lingering relationship between themselves and a superstar. This type of relationship is much akin to exclusively dating someone and sooner or later breaking up with them. Both are a type of love-hate relationship that continue until one party either finds someone else, more money, or a sense of clarity. Feelings linger, emotions peak, and rationality is thrown completely out the window when we are invested in these types of relationships.

Usually the scenario goes like so: Person A says to Person B “Look, it has been a wonderful run, but I read more