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Blame a Poisoned, Inhumane Food System . . . Not Sprouts

Health officials and news pundits are blaming bean sprouts for the latest outbreak of E.coli in Europe, which has killed at least 22 and sickened over 2000. But the real culprit is a diseased and dysfunctional food system where the … Continued

Seeds of Sustainability

Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza from Imagine 2050 on Vimeo. Silvia Barretto and Marcos Croce are the owners of Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza - a progressive, organic farm located in Brazil, 4 hours north of Sao Paulo. The farm has been owned by … Continued

Aging Farmers in America

Farmers in America are getting older, and younger Americans are not filling in their ranks. The USDA releases the census of agriculture results every 5 years, and they become increasingly terrifying as time goes on.  Since 1978, the average age … Continued