Resistance among Rotting Crops in Georgia (Part 2)

By Lupita Aguila Arteaga, Washington, DC

Photo Credit: Rúben Castilla Herrera

The GLAHR offices were filled with native Georgians and people from all corners of the country. Some were working on art work and banners for the march, others were folding fliers and participating in “Know Your Rights” workshops, and some were sent to the streets to document which businesses would remain open or be closing in support of the call for non-compliance (no work/no shopping).

If the huevos and frijoles didn’t wake me up, the sentiment of solidarity and resistance felt in that room was


Aging Farmers in America

Farmers in America are getting older, and younger Americans are not filling in their ranks. The USDA releases the census of agriculture results every 5 years, and they become increasingly terrifying as time goes on.  Since 1978, the average age of the farmer has been rising by about 1 year or more, each census year.

In 2002 the average age of a farmer was 55.3 years, and 26.2% were over the age of 65. The 2007 results will be announced this February, and are expected to parallel these results.


The Freegans Among Us

The other day I listened to a customer in the coffee shop where I work complain about the cap Costco put on the amount of rice each customer can buy per visit. It occurred to me that this guy must not have heard about the world’s food crisis. I thought about suggesting to him that he try visiting Haiti, where a farmer can grow rice, but not actually afford to buy it.

The world’s poorest nations have been falling short of what many of us consider a basic right: to produce and reserve enough food to feed their own people. Now that this problem is hitting closer to home, I wonder how Americans will… Read more