Khmer Rouge War Criminals Brought to Trial 30 Years Later

As we battle our domestic demons in Arizona this week, another battle is finally coming to a close halfway around the world. Five members of the Khmer Rouge, the political party that caused an estimated 1.7 million deaths in the … Continued


1492 - and the Xenophobia of 2008

This week has brought us to another recognition of Indigenous Peoples Day - conversely stated, to another lamentation of the wave of undocumented, oppressive immigration precipitated by one Christopher Columbus. It occurs to me that putting the anti-immigrant attack in … Continued


Hip-hop Republicans are Down With GOP. No, Seriously.

Skimming campaign news items last week I came across a commentary on the that made me giggle. It was called We Down With GOP and was about Hip-hop Republicans. Nerdy title aside, I launched into the article with as … Continued