287(G) Program

What’s Bad for Arizona is Bad for America

Arizona’s attempts to legalize racism through laws like SB-1070 and its ban on ethnic studies have devastated the state’s communities, its image, and its economy. Many have argued, including the Department of Justice, that SB-1070 is unconstitutional. Today, the Supreme … Continued

A Quick Look at the Arrests in North Carolina

This week in Charlotte, NC, undocumented students bravely spoke out against a system that discourages education and creates fear against the immigrant community. On Tuesday, September 6, members of the NC Dream Team held a rally on the campus of … Continued


Help Students and the American Dream

We need more dreamers in America, not less. We need dreamers like Erick.   He came to the United States from Mexico when he was 2 years old.  He grew up here, went to school here, and was taught the American … Continued


Hope for Victims of 287(g)?

An immigrant victimized by 287(g) gets some hope. Maybe hope can spread to Arizona. After being wrongly arrested, Abel Moreno, 29, can remain in the U.S. for six more months as he applies for a visa. In a recent blog, … Continued


287(g) in Charlotte: Sexual Assault & Deportation

by Glenn Hutchinson On December 29, a man sees his girlfriend being sexually assaulted by a police officer in a parking lot. He calls 911 for help. The officer arrests him. Since then, that officer (Marcus Jackson) has been suspended … Continued


Americans Fed Up with Broken Immigration Policies

Current U.S. detention and immigration enforcement policies pose a grave threat to civil and human rights. The recent expansion of flawed enforcement programs is bad for America, and Department of Homeland Security head, Janet Napolitano, is not upholding the Obama … Continued

Anti-Immigrant Fervor Translates to Terror for Women

By Melissa Nalani Ross Originally printed in On The Issues Magazine I was contacted recently about a woman without documentation who worked at a fruit stand in the northeast. A male customer approached her and asked if she had any … Continued