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Justice prevails for victims of 2005 racially motivated attack

On January 31, a hearing was held in Illinois’ Kankakee County Courthouse for a case brought by three young African-American men against four white men convicted of attacking them. The lawsuit states that while Vantis, Isaiah and Kenyon Coiley were … Continued

Isolation Bad, Globalization Good

I don’t think isolationism should influence American foreign policy and here’s why: The rise of isolationist foreign policies is in response to globalization. And Why? When our American economy competes globally, so does our individual income. In result, how much … Continued

Building American Identity

When I talk about my American Identity, I also talk about race. But when I do, some folks wonder why I bring it up. They say talking about race distorts or clouds the real problems, like family food budgets superceding … Continued