Film Review: Those Who Remain

October 23, 2009 by Stephen Piggott · Comment
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Imagine you are a child again, lying in bed asleep when all of a sudden you are awakened by your father. He kisses you on the cheek and says “goodbye”. Seven years later he returns from ‘up North’ but now you are 14 and to each other you are almost unrecognizable.

This is the hardship that thousands of Mexican families go through each year when the men of the family head to the United States in search of work. Those Who Remain documents exactly what the title says, those family members who are left behind, almost always women in children.

The film examines a wide range of families from all corners of Mexico, some live without electricity, others living in a second home built with the money sent back from up North, and still others trying to cope with the death of a husband and father who will never return home. Read more

Building American Identity

June 23, 2008 by Sarah Viets · 2 Comments
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When I talk about my American Identity, I also talk about race. But when I do, some folks wonder why I bring it up. They say talking about race distorts or clouds the real problems, like family food budgets superceding monthly paychecks, gas prices over $4 a gallon, rising healthcare costs and even immigration. Or better yet, some folks say I’m pitting black people against white people or white people against people. They say that by talking about race, I’m dividing Americans rather than bringing us together.

But I’m not trying to weaken and tarnish our American identity; I’m not trying to deepen the read more