Civil Rights Act Of 1964


Georgia’s HB 87: a New Generation Resists Jim Crow

by Catharine Debelle This week six youth activists were arrested in Atlanta, GA, for acts of civil disobedience. The protest was the second of its kind this year in Atlanta, following a similar action on Georgia State University’s campus back … Continued


Harassment of Somali Students in Minnesota Investigated By Federal Agency’s Office of Civil Rights

Saint Cloud, Minnesota has been in the news lately because of the daily hostility Somali students faced at school. Among the complaints: an “I hate the Somalians at Tech High” Facebook page, bacon shoved in the faces of Muslims as … Continued


Real Health Reform Leaves No Human Behind

Rosa Parks was well respected in Montgomery’s segregated world of black and white. Nearly fifty-five years ago today she chose to represent those who faced the daily indignities of being treated as a second class citizen by refusing to give … Continued