Human Rights Abuses


Sheriff Joe’s Posse Threatens Mayor Gordon to “Shut Up!”

In their usual eloquent fashion, Sheriff Joe’s deputies lashed out at critics Friday. After Thursday’s House hearings on 287(g) agreements, where Sheriff Joe’s human rights abuses where well cataloged, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) does its best to muster … Continued


Audio: Stop Arpaio, Stop the Circus!

This week I’ve been in the area of Phoenix, Arizona documenting the organizing efforts of the young people here as they take a stand against the recent human rights abuses committed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. With the assistance of the … Continued

NYU Gives Up Banning Coca-Cola

New York University threw in the towel on Wednesday. They’ve had a five year wrestling match with the Coca-Cola Company over human rights issues, and now NYU has decided to lift the three year ban that prohibited the sale of … Continued