Bull Connor


Sheriff Joe’s Posse Threatens Mayor Gordon to “Shut Up!”

In their usual eloquent fashion, Sheriff Joe’s deputies lashed out at critics Friday. After Thursday’s House hearings on 287(g) agreements, where Sheriff Joe’s human rights abuses where well cataloged, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) does its best to muster … Continued

Racial Profiling & Harassment in East Haven, CT

Same stupid, blatant, racist attacks; different day. As many people in this country are seduced by the slick, guy-next-door type of racial/ethnic prejudice implicit in anti-immigrant xenophobia (think: FAIR, NumbersUSA, Community Watchdog Project, etc.), and as US imperialism and corporate … Continued


Attempts to Normalize Arpaio Only Embarrass Arizona

A March 1, 2009 column by Arizona Repbulic’s E.J. Montini proclaims that Sheriff Joe Arpaio is no ‘Bull’ Connor. Actually, Maricopa County Sherriff Joe Arapio is more like the Southern segregationist Bull Conner than Arizona is ready to admit. Montini … Continued

Sheriff Joe Separates Mothers from Their Children

Sheriff Joe Arpaio finds any excuse to separate families. It’s 2009 and the terrorizing continues in Arizona’s Maricopa County. A community organizer last week documented a heartbreaking scene of a mother, Ciria Lopez, being stopped by Sheriff’s Joe’s self-proclaimed “posse”. … Continued


Smell Something Burning? It’s Probably Arizona

Did you ever play the “If I had lived during [insert appropriate historic period here] I would have . . .” game? Back when I was a kid my friends and I would sit in a tight circle often with … Continued