Immigration Bill

5 Ways the Anti-Immigrant Movement Misleads the Public on Reform

With the United States Senate voting overwhelmingly to proceed with immigration reform bill S. 744 on Tuesday, the anti-immigrant movement is predictably going on the offensive. As such, they will likely amplify talking points they have used for months to … Continued

Like NSEERS, Entry-Exit System Could Pose Major Threat to Immigrants, Civil Liberties

Between now and the July 4 Senate recess, the term “entry-exit system” will be thrown around on the Senate floor more than a few times. The little-fought over component of immigration reform—it being innocuous enough for advocates of reform to ignore, yet … Continued

NumbersUSA Prepares Members for Fax Attack to Stop S.744 Votes

NumbersUSA’s organizing team is proving itself to be a bit of a one trick pony. Yesterday evening the anti-immigrant organization sent out an email alert asking its membership base to, yet again, inundate elected officials with faxes today and tomorrow … Continued

Cross-Post: Recent immigration laws disadvantage us all

Originally published in The Progressive. By Eric K. Ward, October 5, 2011 The reckless hunt for undocumented immigrants is placing all of us in the economic crossfire. Recently, U.S. District Judge Sharon Blackburn ruled that portions of HB 56, a … Continued


Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Bills Promote Violence Against Immigrant Women and Their Families

By Susana Sanchez Many of Arizona’s legislators are convinced that harsh anti-immigrant bills would push undocumented immigrants out of Arizona. Instead of encouraging immigrants to leave, the latest anti-immigrant bills are attacking immigrant women and their families. This week, Arizona’s … Continued