Indigenous Peoples


Closing the U.S. border is a false solution to the climate crisis

by Kim Lobaria, Rising Tide activist Anti-immigrant forces are playing on fears about global warming. And while global warming is a real threat, it doesn’t come from immigrants but from fossil fuel companies that are destroying our Earth. Poor immigrants … Continued


Indigenous Peoples Take a Stand Against Senate Bill 1070

86 years after the Indian Citizenship Act, indigenous communities are challenging the notion of what it is to be a U.S. citizen. In June of 1924 the U.S. Congress passed the Indian Citizenship Act. Controversial for its time, the Act … Continued

The Americas. The America. Of Appropriation and Identity.

The ongoing debate over “who is an American” must seem old to our neighbors who have lived for generations with the appropriation of “America” by a single nation self-assured for generations by its own exceptionalism. That this nation early on … Continued