John Vinson


Press Conference Brings Together Leaders of Islamophobia, Anti-Immigrant, & White Nationalist Movements

In what is yet another recent and troubling collaboration between the long-established anti-immigrant movement and the ever-emerging Islamophobia movement in this country, at 1pm next Tuesday, Feb 5, the group America’s Survival will hold a press conference at the National … Continued


The Social Contract: Complaining About Nothing New

The Social Contract, a white nationalist quarterly journal, released its Fall issue last month. Entitled “America Transformed,” it marks twenty-five years since the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), popularly derided by anti-immigrant stalwarts as the most egregious law … Continued


FAIR testifies with controversial anti-immigrant group Americans for Immigration Control

Last week, the anti-immigrant group Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) announced that its director of special projects, Jack Martin, testified on behalf of FAIR at a Maryland House hearing. Martin wrote about his experience on FAIR’s website. FAIR providing … Continued


Politico publishes controversial anti-immigrant leader, again

Politico recently ran an op-ed by controversial figure Roy Beck, CEO of NumbersUSA. This is the same Roy Beck whose career and organization were shaped by white nationalist John Tanton. Tanton is the guy who spent the better part of … Continued