United States Charged with Human Rights Violations

By Christina Iturralde It is obvious that the United States is violating the human rights of Latinos living within the country’s borders by failing to protect its Latino residents. Latinos have been targeted, attacked, brutalized and murdered because of their … Continued

Murder in Brooklyn Latest Hate Crime Against Immigrants

Last night I was busy fuming over some personal betrayals when I received a call from a colleague who told me that Jose O. Sucuzhanay, the Ecuadoran immigrant who, along with his brother, was severely beaten in Brooklyn on Sunday, … Continued

Suffolk County Murder of Latino Man Deemed a Hate Crime

A man named Marcello was walking with a friend on Saturday night in Patchogue, Long Island. As they walked a car pulled up and seven young men got out and surrounded them. The teenagers, all 16 and 17 years old, … Continued