Nelson Mandela


Remembering Nelson Mandela’s Pursuit of Justice, Equality for All

The global community suffered a terrible loss with the passing of Nelson Mandela last Thursday. Through his iconic efforts in pursuit of equality in South Africa, Mandela firmly established himself as a freedom fighter and became an inspiration to all … Continued

Youth for Western Civilization Dismantled at Towson University

According to reports on Tuesday, the Youth for Western Civilization (YWC) chapter at Towson University, Maryland, lost its status as an officially recognized student group. While YWC is an already contentious organization known for its flagrant white nationalist tendencies, its … Continued

Kevin DeAnna Walks Away From YWC

Last week Kevin DeAnna, the founder of Youth for Western Civilization (YWC), announced that he is leaving the group. Since its introduction into the conservative movement in 2009, YWC has been widely criticized for its associations with white nationalists and … Continued

YWC Leader Heimbach Endorses EDL, Aparthied, & ‘Hanging’ of Mandela

by Domenic Powell A Youth for Western Civilization blogger from Towson University posted a photo urging people to “Hang Nelson Mandela and all ANC terrorists” on Monday, in a post that was later edited to remove the photo. Matthew Heimbach, … Continued