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Resident Islamophobic Scribe Further Exposes VDARE, Social Contract’s White Nationalist Leanings

Brenda Walker is one busy extremist. In addition to being one of the most prolific scribes within the anti-immigrant movement, Walker also regularly publishes within circles that overlap the white nationalist movement in this country, as evidenced by the near … Continued

Brenda Walker Adores European Fascists

Brenda Walker, the West Coast Editor of John Tanton’s The Social Contract and one of’s most dedicated contributors, recently took her anti-Muslim vitriol to a whole new level. In two articles she applauded the actions of the European political … Continued

Progressives for Immigration Reform Writer Re-Fashions His Piece from White Nationalist Site for Publication on PFIR’s

It seems that Progressives for Immigration Reform (PFIR) have finally tired of the arduous process of dawning their “Lefist Environmentalist” costumes. Exhausted as they must be after 3-ish years of maintaining such charades, PFIR shut off its fog machine yesterday, … Continued

CIS Forwards Racist VDARE Article Lambasting “Mexifornia”

As has been common in the past, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) again lifted its veil of legitimacy to expose some of the Tanton Network’s connections to some of its more unabashedly white nationalist cohorts. This past Friday, July … Continued

Ecology or Ideology? The Social Contract on Population

Earlier this week, the white nationalist quarterly journal The Social Contract released its first issue of 2012. Established in 1990 by John Tanton, architect of the contemporary anti-immigrant movement, The Social Contract has long served as an outlet for the … Continued