Op Ed


Stop Hunting Immigrants

Jorge G. Castañeda wrote a powerfully truthful op-ed on immigration in Saturday’s New York Times. In it he spelled out the cruelty of our immigration system as it stands under the Bush administration, saying:

Since late 2006, the Bush administration has been carrying out the “tough love” side of immigration reform without the generous and open-arms side, which would mean legalization for those in the United States today, and a migrant worker program for those it will need tomorrow.

It has pursued a humiliating and hostile policy of persecution and harassment of illegal Mexicans, Guatemalans, Salvadorans, Hondurans and many others. It changed the rules of the game without any

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Should We Care When Politicians Cheat?

“Screwed, On par, Sad, Disappointed, Typical, Idiot” - these were the responses from young women when I asked them to tell me the first thing that came to mind when I said ‘Edward’s Affair’. One woman struggled for a minute and finally said “indifferent”. I found it interesting that the one person who didn’t follow my instructions and instead took a moment to reflect, evoked a vastly different response from the rest.

When I first heard of the controversy I couldn’t help feeling annoyed. ‘Do all of them have to turn out to be sleazeballs?’ I thought. I imagined the humiliation of his wife and children and wondered about his future in politics.

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