Blog Highlight: ‘Is Oakland somewhere near Missouri? Watching Glenn Beck, it’s hard to tell’

March 26, 2009 by Jill Garvey · Comment
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Check out David Neiwert’s recent blog about right-winged extremism and Glenn Beck’s denial that these militias are a threat. Good reading.

Glenn Beck spent a little while on his Fox News show yesterday explaining to his audience that law enforcement in Missouri shouldn’t be concerned about right-wing extremists because the real problem is cop-killing parolees on the loose in Oakland, California.

Or something like that. It was hard to piece the argument together, but the nub of it seemed along those lines. First he went on at length about how the weekend’s horrible shootout in Oakland, which left four police officers dead alongside the shooter/parolee, was another sign of things going to hell in California. OK, whatever. But then he makes the big leap:

Beck: Next, look at the government’s priorities. This is an actual cop killer, who clearly wasn’t rehabilitated. But the Missouri State Troopers now — and wait until you hear the rest of the story, the update on this one coming up in a few minutes — they’re worried about militias.

Beck then goes on to mostly regurgitate last week’s rant about a Missouri State Patrol intelligence report discussing the recent resurgence of militia activity in their neck of the woods specifically and in the country generally.

But as we reported then, the report (you can read it for yourself here) is in fact entirely factual, and simply a normative report giving an accurate profile of right-wing extremists’ behavioral tendencies.

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