Oil Spill Brings Out Best & Worst of Environmental Groups

May 7, 2010 by Rebecca Poswolsky ·
Filed under: Ecopolitics, Immigration 

An environmental disaster hit the Gulf coast on April 20, after the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion.  With 210,000 gallons of oil seeping into the Gulf of Mexico each day, the damage will be catastrophic. Thousands of birds, fish and shrimp have been removed, covered in oil. New Orleans can already smell the aftermath.  The Gulf can’t seem to catch a break with oil fumes choking its atmosphere. We are facing clean-ups, displaced communities, and families uprooted from their homes.

Disasters like these throw into stark relief the twisted analysis of anti-immigrant organizations like Negative Population Growth (NPG), a group that regularly blames environmental degradation on immigrants and people of color.

The real culprit to blame for the Gulf coast disaster is British Petroleum (BP). Read more