Cross-post: The Tea Party Republicans’ Malek Problem

Chip Berlet, a researcher and author covering civil rights and civil liberties, posted the following article on Huffington Post November 3, 2010: Fred V. Malek, is a key political strategist for the American Action Network which just spent some $7 … Continued


Marek Eldelman Death Reminds Humanity Why We Resist

I first grieved when friends in Poland informed me of the passing of Marek Eldelman on Friday, October 3rd. Marek was one of the last known leaders of the Warsaw Ghetto resistance. From 1939 well into 1943, Marek and others … Continued



During the first three decades of the 1900s there was an intense ecological movement in Germany. It was a movement of youth that promoted a return to the land and opposed industrialization’s damage to the earth. They were called Wandervögel … Continued