Marek Eldelman Death Reminds Humanity Why We Resist

October 5, 2009 by Eric Ward · Comment
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I first grieved when friends in Poland informed me of the passing of Marek Eldelman on Friday, October 3rd. Marek was one of the last known leaders of the Warsaw Ghetto resistance. From 1939 well into 1943, Marek and others fought against the eventual successful attempt by Nazis to liquidate the Jewish community that resided in Warsaw, including those who had been forcibly relocated.

Struggling as the population of the Warsaw Ghetto was reduced from half a million to less than 60,000, Marek and over two hundred others did what many European nations could not—for three weeks in April 1943; they physically defied the Nazi movement and its goal of genocide against the Jewish population. After surviving the battle, Marek took part in the Warsaw City Uprising. He explained his participation in the armed actions by telling the Associated Press in 2008 that “When you cannot defend freedom through peaceful means, you have to use arms to fight Nazism, dictatorship, chauvinism.”

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Breaking News, Michael Jackson is Still Dead!

June 30, 2009 by Jill Garvey · 2 Comments
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I love Michael Jackson’s music, but what I love more is intelligent, relevant information about the rest of the world. I made a loose decision a few weeks ago not to cover the Iranian uprising on our little blog, as it was receiving extensive mainstream and independent press. But how very ironic and sadly typical that this protest movement (that effects the entire world) is dethroned in the hearts and minds of Americans (literally in an instant) by a pop star.

This is a strange opportunity to see just how being a journalist in this nation differs from being a journalist elsewhere. In other places journalists fear for their lives. Seeking, exposing, and distributing the truth is dangerous work in places with deep issues. But does this mean that we don’t have complicated social issues to deal with in the US? Or does it mean that we’ve been lulled into complacent acceptance of “fluff’ news by media conglomerates that smother the very essence of journalism? Read more