Political Extremism

U of San Diego Professor & CIS Board Member “Teaching” CIS Materials

Higher education has the duty to provide a fair environment for learning. As such, professors must provide their students with balanced presentations on subjects, especially those which focus on one of the most contentious political issues— immigration. At the University … Continued


Controversial campus organization collaborates with anti-immigrant leaders

Two weeks ago, at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Youth for Western Civilization hosted a panel titled, “Will Immigration Kill the GOP?” Youth for Western Civilization (YWC) is a group that debuted at CPAC in 2009 and aims to … Continued

An Open Letter to Mark Krikorian

Mark Krikorian Executive Director Center for Immigration Studies 1522 K Street N.W., Suite 820 Washington, DC 20005-1202 Dear Mr. Krikorian, Thank you for your recent response regarding a post on the blog Imagine2050, entitled “Tanton Network Caught in Bed Again … Continued


Anti-immigrant Sentiment is Racism

The United States has struggled historically when it comes to race. Slavery and the conquering of North America from the indigenous populations are two examples of how the wealth and prosperity of this country came at the expense of so … Continued